I’m going to Anime Expo!!

Hey Celestaras! Some of you are probably already aware, but I’m going to Anime Expo 2019! This will be my second year at AX and second time visiting California as well! I’m super excited to see a bunch of people again, go to meetups, and just hang out and have fun!

I already know I’ll be at the YouTaite Meetup on Friday, July 5th (Day 2) from 10:30 AM -12:30 PM at Cosplay Gathering Site 9, but I might be attending some additional meetups as well depending on schedule.

I’m also hoping to plan a meet up of my own as well! If you’d like to be part of that, you can join my discord server and join the Anime Expo role there, or you can follow me on Twitter for updates! I’ll also be making a Facebook event page on my fan page if I do a meet up of my own!