Website Reboot 2019!!!

Woot! So this month has been crazy since we’ve had an artwork reboot with my new chibi design (view-able in the gallery and as the first image you see when you load the homepage) and some new thumbnails for all my YouTube videos!

Now it’s time to say hello to my brand new website design! I spent a lot of time refining things with a new theme and some upgrades to page layouts. I even went as far as to completely redesign so it’s easier for me to update and a lot sleeker looking than it was before! I’ve also renamed it “Celestara Creative” vs the old “Tara St. Michel Creative Zone” to reflect the changes made late last year to what I refer to you guys as!

This is only the beginning of what’s to come! I’m also working on a new merch store, which is already linked in the navigation bar, although it’s still under construction. When the store is ready to launch, it will go live, and I’ll make another post. I’ll be asking you guys for ideas and feedback every step of the way, so be sure to follow me on twitter @tarastmichel and/or join my discord server at