Celestara Connect – Second Channel Rebranding!!

Hey Celestaras! If you’ve been following my second channel over the past month, you may have noticed some changes! I’m rebranding to Celestara Connect! As I mentioned in a recent live chat, it was previously really hard to find TaraStM TV in search, and I don’t feel like the naming and channel graphics really represented the type of content I intend to make on that channel. As a result, you’ll be seeing some more changes happen before the end of the month!

The last video to use the old TSTM intro card will be the unreleased Vlogmas footage video, which I’m currently editing. Then all future videos will use the logo above in the intro card. I’ll be updating the channel header soon and eventually be reducing the channel name to just “Celestara Connect.”

If you haven’t subscribed to my second channel yet, go check it out to discover some behind the scenes, vlogs, live chats, and more!