Song Mixing & MAstering

Acapella renders for songs are available by request at no extra charge.
TV size songs may be eligible for a discount as they are shorter.

Vocal Mix

  • 1-3 Vocalists
  • 2-Track Mix
  • Basic Effects
  • Tuning
  • Timing


  • 20 tracks
  • Basic Effects
  • Levelling
  • Basic Audio Cleanup
  • For insturmental songs, karaoke, etc

Full Mix

  • 1- 3 Vocalists
  • Mix Vocals and Instrumental Stems
  • Basic Effects
  • Tuning
  • Timing


  • Turn your mixed tracks into a version ready for distribution
  • Get loud tracks that stand up against the pros
  • Standalone price for already mixed tracks or an add on price for mixing packages
  • Mastering only (does not include mixing)

Add Ons

Extra Vocalist

  • Add an extra vocalist to your mix
  • This applies to the Vocal Mix and Full Mix packages

Artificial Harmonies

  • Tune extra harmonies out of an existing lead vocal.
  • Please state at which sections you would like harmonies to be placed

Complex Effects

+$5/ effect
  • Add more complicated effects to a basic mix. This includes anything that would be extra time consuming.
  • Examples: Vocal Glitching, Automated Effects, etc

Extensive Revisions

  • For revisions such as extensive Re-records/Re-takes and full track Re-Tunes or Re-Times
  • Note: Basic revisions such as small adjustments are free

Voice Over Demos

Song Mixing & Tuning

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